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"After much research on which strains of probiotics are best for a dog. Cormac & Archer had 4 of the 6 most important strains, while most other "dog probiotics" had zero to 2 strains tops.

I have a 33 lb whippet who's eating habits were not stellar. Getting him to eat 1 meal a day was at times challenging. He'd typically finish his breakfast by that evening. He was also eating grass and vomiting bile at least once a week.

Since getting him on these chews his appetite has improved dramatically. Breakfast is finished before lunch. No more grass eating or vomiting at this time. Most pet probiotics are powders added to the food. Since my dog wasn't eating a whole meal and eats dry food. The powder I knew wouldn't work.

My whippet happily eats the Cormac & Archer soft chews like they were a treat. Give this brand a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed." - S. Wagner 12/21/2018

Joint Formula

"I bought these for my 9 year old Husky who still thinks she's a puppy. I've been trying to find something for her joints that she won't spit out right away. These chews have been great and she really enjoys the taste as well.

My wife and I love that our husky acts like a puppy, but the reality is that we need to be proactive in keeping her healthy. I'd highly recommend picking up a bottle for your dog. " - M. Miller - 11/30/18




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